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Jaclyn Carder: 2021 Teddy Roosevelt Sportswoman

On the final night of the 9th Annual Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt (2021), a hunter was recognized who brought with her a deeply moving story. Jaclyn, a 36-year-old from Kansas, lost her husband earlier that year to a heart attack. She had accompanied him on many hunts, and they were planning many more. Jaclyn is now a single mother, raising two girls. [Read More]

Sally Thomas: 2020 Ride the Range Scholarship Recipient

Ride the Range was established in 2019 to enhance the quality of lives of women Veterans by providing Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt scholarships through the Women Veterans Empowerment Fund.  Founder Keith Geis, Ride the Range riders and donors are dedicated to raising funds in support of our Veterans. Ride the Range is an opportunity for cyclists to push themselves past limits in endurance and strength, one pedal stroke at a time. It is fitting that the ride raises funds to support our Veterans who pushed past even more extreme limits and experienced challenges that most of us could never comprehend. 

In 2020, the Ride the Range scholarship recipient was US military Veteran and current Army Reserve soldier Sally Thomas. [Read More]

Jaylin Solberg: 2019 Scholarship Recipient

Jaylin is a new hunter who is passionate about researching big game species, connecting to the land around her and mentoring other underrepresented individuals in the profession of natural resources. As an African American woman she feels particularly drawn to encouraging the next generation of women and people of color to get into hunting

We spoke to Jaylin, now 23 years old and a graduate student at Utah State University, as she looked back on her experience attending the event, reflecting on the memories that continue to inspire her today. [Read More]

Havely Holt: 2017 Shelley’s Fund Hunter

Shelley’s Fund honors the spirit of Shelley Simonton by investing in her primary areas of interest; the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt, and economic self-sufficiency training for women and girls in Wyoming. By providing event scholarships, Shelley’s Fund ensures those attending the Annual Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt will always include single mothers and diverse income levels.

We interviewed the first recipient of the Shelley’s Fund scholarship, Havely Holt, to learn more about her experience and the lasting impact the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt has made. [Read More]

Jen Barcklay: 2016 First Time Hunter

Jen Barcklay always wanted to learn to hunt. After a devastating incident, Jen endured a traumatic brain injury and had to stop nearly every aspect of her life for extensive rehabilitation. Jen has worked extremely hard these last 12+ years to rebuild her life; including re-learning how to walk and talk. The outdoors and the opportunity to participate in the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt as a scholarship recipient opened up a new chapter in her life-long recovery. To Jen, the hunt seemed like the perfect scenario to be able to meet other like-minded women, learn about a new shooting sport as well and expand her social network. 

We caught up with Jen to reminisce about her first hunting experience. Jen shared with us how she’s continuing to push the boundaries of traumatic brain injury recovery while rebuilding and reclaiming her identity with the help of friends she made at her first Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt.[Read More]

Caitlin Younguist: 2015 First Time Hunter

Caitlin Youngquist believes in service, and using her knowledge to help others. As the current chair of the Wyoming Women’s Antelope Hunt, she helps women from across the country learn hunting skills and experience meaningful mentorship. Her talent for teaching and passion for education is borne out every day in her role as an Extension Educator for the University of Wyoming. [Read More]

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