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you can help low-income Wyoming moms & babies thrive by contacting your SENATOR today!

The Wyoming Legislature has an opportunity now to extend benefits that low-income Wyoming moms who give birth on Medicaid from 60 days postpartum to 12 months postpartum.


1. Find your Senator:

Enter your address in the upper left corner. You can then click the district number to find your Senator and their contact information.

2. Send your Senator an email!

Use the tips and talking points below to craft your message. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to reach out to or 307-721-8300.



Please write in your own words so legislators know that you are a real person who cares about women and babies. Mention that you are a voting member of their District. 

Your email subject could be something like: Vote YES on HB4, Medicaid postpartum coverage (Lander voter)


Your message should be short and simple and contain three parts:

1. Say who you are.

Make sure to reiterate that you’re a Wyoming voter from their district.

My name is ________ and I’m a voter from _______.

2. Say what you want.

Please vote “yes” on House Bill 4, Medicaid twelve month postpartum coverage.

3. Say why you want it.

[This is where you can add a sentence or two about why you think Medicaid postpartum extension is important.

Here are some talking points for you to consider:

  • If you are pregnant and make less than 154% of the Federal Poverty Level, you qualify for the Pregnant Women Medicaid program from pregnancy up to 60 days after birth. This bill would extend that time to 12 months after birth allowing for the health and recovery of moms to take care of babies and go back to work.
  • Many moms experience health issues related to pregnancy and birth beyond 60 days after birth.
  • 1/3 of births in Wyoming are to moms on Medicaid– this helps so many families!
  • Moms who give birth on Medicaid are more likely to have chronic health conditions, give birth to low birth weight babies, and/or have had a preterm birth in the past.
  • 18% of all Wyoming moms lose health insurance completely, likely due to the current guidelines, 3 months postpartum.
  • Losing insurance during the first year postpartum is associated with poorer health outcomes for moms and babies.
  • Most low-income Moms work in industries that don’t provide health insurance, like retail, daycare, or food service or they work part-time.
  • 1/3 of moms are unmarried when they give birth and don’t have access to a partner’s health insurance plan. Without postpartum Medicaid, they have no realistic options for comprehensive insurance.
  • The Pregnant Women Medicaid program is already helping moms and babies get a great start to their infant’s life. Let’s make it even stronger by extending it from 60 days to 12 months!

Ask your Senator to vote YES on Hb4!

Thank you for speaking up for Wyoming moms & babies.

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