The Interim Session Begins 

Management Council met on March 23rd to review the committee’s interim topic proposals. You can re-watch that discussion on the Wyoming Legislature’s YouTube Channel (AM and PM videos). 

Management Council finalized the list of approved interim committee topics. These are the topics that the committees will review throughout the interim, provides a budget for the interim, and the ranked priorities for the committees. 

The interim is an opportune time to get involved with the Legislature and learn from agencies. Committees will meet around the state to discuss their topics, hear from the public, and come up with solutions. This will be an apt time for WYWF (and constituents!) to meet with legislators, learn updates from agencies, and make connections across the state. My favorite part about the interim is that meetings are not always in Cheyenne. This gives our Power Advocates from across the state ample opportunity to attend meetings in-person! Check the Legislative Calendar to see when committees will come to you! 

WYWF’s Interim Priorities 

The Wyoming Women’s Foundation is especially eager to hear about the topics that the Joint Education Committee will discuss– such as Early Childhood Education and K-12 Mental Health. We plan to follow a variety of other topics in other committees!  

During the interim, agencies will report to various committees. These agencies (such as the Wyoming Department of Health, Department of Family Services, Department of Workforce Services, and more) will report on programs and issues that will affect women across the state. WYWF plans to keep track of new data introduced by these agencies.  

WYWF also plans to learn about: 

  • election processes in the Corporations, Elections, and Political Subdivisions Committee, 
  • legislative processes and rules in the Select Committee on Legislative Facilities, Technology, and Process, 
  • retirement plans, pensions, and worker’s compensation in the Joint Appropriations Committee, 
  • the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) and education and public safety on the Wind River Reservation in the Select Committee on Tribal Relations, 
  • the health of Wyoming women and girls in the Labor, Health, and Social Services Committee,  
  • and, more! 

Are you interested in any of these topics? 

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