The Self-Sufficiency Standard can be used as a tool to focus COVID-19 relief efforts.

“All of the Self-Sufficiency Standard research suggests that people who have high rates of income insecurity will be more acutely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important to note that single mothers, women, and people of color are disproportionately over-represented in groups that earn low wages. With so many individuals losing their jobs, people are forced to make difficult decisions. This makes people with low-incomes doubly vulnerable in this pandemic. The Self-Sufficiency Standard tells us how people meet their basic needs, this will be harder and harder as this pandemic increases in scope. ” –Diana M. Pearce, creator of the Self-Sufficiency Standard.

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The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wyoming 2020

The Self-Sufficiency Standard calculates how much income families of various sizes and compositions need to make ends meet at a minimally adequate level without public or private assistance.

Self-Sufficiency Calculator for 2020

What does it take to be self-sufficient? Enter your county and family composition into our calculator to find out.

County Viz Data for 2020

Quickly visualize The Self-Sufficiency Standard for multiple different family types in your county, compared side by side to the Federal Poverty Guidelines and Full-Time Minimum Wage, in one user-friendly place.

Past Self-Sufficiency Standards for Wyoming

Compare how much the income required to make ends meet has changed over the years.

Overlooked and Undercounted: 2016

Struggling to make ends meet in Wyoming

Explore the demographics of people in Wyoming living below the Self-Sufficiency Standard.

On the Road: 2016

Exploring Economic Security Pathways in Wyoming:

The Self-Sufficiency Standard approach to economic security consists of three elements: 1) securing the costs of daily basic needs, 2) creating an emergency savings fund, and 3) choosing the appropriate asset-building Economic Security Pathway(s).

Mapping the Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wyoming 2016

Quickly view county-level data on the Self-Sufficiency Standard compared to other measures of economic self-sufficiency and the change in Self-Sufficiency Standard between 2005 and 2016 in your county.

The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wyoming 2020 was authored by Dr. Diana M. Pearce and produced by the Center for Women’s Welfare at the University of Washington. Both the 2016 and 2020 updates were brought to you by The Wyoming Women’s Foundation in partnership with the Wyoming Council for Women.