Donor Advised Funds



Donor Advised Funds are great tools for giving. WYCF can help you establish a fund that fits your giving needs.

Endowed funds ensure the causes you love will be cared for far into the future.
Pass-through funds allow you to address immediate needs in your community.


WYCF knows Wyoming nonprofits. We’ll work with you to make gifts to the charities you already love and can introduce you to charities that align with your giving wishes.


With over 25 years’ experience we make giving easy. Our due-diligence means nonprofits receiving grants from your fund have been thoroughly vetted.

We have the know-how to set up a Donor Advised Fund with gifts of cash, but can also accept less traditional gifts to establish your fund.


Our board of director is comprised of community-minded individuals like you, working to improve Wyoming.

WYCF hires an unaffiliated organization to conduct our annual audit and file our Form 990. This guarantees WYCF’s finances are transparent.

WYCF Donor Advised FundPrivate Foundation
DescriptionDonors establish a fund to support philanthropic interests of their choice, and are welcome to actively participate to the extent they wish.For donors who want extensive control over grantmaking, investments, and board selection. Must apply for private foundation tax exempt status from IRS.
Donor RoleRecommends grants to favorite charitable causes for WYCF approval.Donor retains complete control over investments, grantmaking and board selections,limmited to IRS requirements.
Tax Deductions for Cash Gifts (FMV)50% of adjusted gross income in any one year.30% of adjusted gross incmoe in any one year.
Tax Deductions for Gifts of Long-Term Capital Gain Property (FMV)30% of adjusted gross income in any one year.20% of adjusted gross income in any one year.
Annual Costs< 2% annually. Minimum initial gift of $10,000.Must contract/hire and oversee legal, accounting, and program-related staff and expenses.
Minimum Annual Payout RequirementsNone.Required payout for charitable purposes is minimum of 5% of asset value.
Investment FlexibilityDAFs are invested with other WYCF’researched and invested funds.Private foundation must establish, research and manage own investment vehicles.
Administration & OperationsAll services provided by WYCF.Must hire personnel, establish board and manage accounting, operations, grant and gift processing.
Excise Taxes & FilingsNo excise taxes. No filing required.Excise taxes are 1-2% of net investment income. Must be filed as a private foundation.
Fiduciary ResponsibilityWYCF fulfills fiduciary responsibilities.Private foundation assumes full fiduciary responsibility. Must develop own compliance policies.
Liability & Risk Insurance (Including D&O)WYCF covers liability and risk.Purchased by the private foundation.

Mission: To invest in the economic self-sufficiency of women and opportunities for girls in Wyoming.

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Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 am-5:00 pm
Address: 1472 N. 5th Street, Suite 201 Laramie, WY 82072


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