HB 87 – Crimes of obscenity-revisions.

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Summary: AN ACT relating to crimes and offenses; amending the definition of child pornography for the offense of sexual exploitation of children to include cartoons and other depictions; repealing an exemption from promoting obscenity for activities conducted in the course of employment at a school, college, university, museum or public library; and providing for an effective date.
Why It Matters: Teachers and school health staff need the ability to educate students on basic sex and biological education concepts for their own safety and wellness. Although this bill looks like it only adds a couple of items to the "child pornography" description, it also repeals the exemptions for employees of schools, colleges, universities, museums or public libraries on cases of obscenity. This means that medical, health-oriented books for children could result in the criminal prosecution of our teachers and librarians (along with limited health education for children!).

HB 87 – Crimes of obscenity-revisions.

WyoLeg Summary: Crimes of obscenity-revisions.




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Jan 17, 2023


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Jan 06, 2023


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Jan 05, 2023

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