Funding Priorities

1) Income and asset development
WYWF will fund programs that help women advance their ability to live at or above the Wyoming Self Sufficiency Standard for their family composition and county of residence. See for the Wyoming Self Sufficiency Standard and calculator. Examples of income and asset development projects include education
and job training for higher wages and asset development programs including those aimed toward first home
purchases, business development and retirement savings.

2) Mentoring
WYWF will fund programs that advance confidence and make meaningful connections for women and girls.
Examples of mentoring programs include leadership training, women and girls mentoring, career development
and STEM programming.

3) Systems change
WYWF will fund programs that address the gender wage gap through advocacy and education. Examples
include wage negotiation training and awareness campaigns that highlight the issues and change attitudes
about the gender wage gap in Wyoming.


Grant applicants must meet the following criteria:
• Have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status through their own organization or sponsoring agency. Grants are NOT
made to individuals.
• Must request grants designed with the specific purpose of promoting long-term economic selfsufficiency of women and opportunities for girls living within the state of Wyoming.
• Be prepared to receive a phone call or host a scheduled site visit for proposal evaluation.
Application deadline: 5 pm, Thursday, July 25.
Visit to apply.
Questions? Please read our FAQs at and give us a call or email if you still have questions. 307-721-7007|

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Grant FAQs

Our 2019 grant cycle is now closed.

Past Grant Project Examples

Wyoming Economic Self-Sufficiency Study

In 2015, the Wyoming Women’s Foundation granted money to fund a study focused on economic self-sufficiency in Wyoming. The study examines women’s abilities to support their families and themselves. It also creates awareness about ways to better support economic self-sufficiency for Wyoming women and their families. WYWF released several reports and a calculator in 2016 discussing the status of self-sufficiency in Wyoming. The results of this study now helps WYWF make informed decisions about grantmaking.


The Wyoming Women’s Foundation (WYWF) provides a grant to assist the WWBC to expand their matched savings Individual Development Account (IDA) program. The program will match savings up to $2,000. WWBC developed the IDA program in 2008, and has been helping participants purchase eligible assets for the past nine years. The grant from WYWF will help expand the existing program.

The IDA program helps participants develop a lifelong habit of saving, and provides training to develop knowledge and skills in critical financial literacy areas. Families and individuals experience first-hand saving for a specific asset purchase, and realize the benefits of saving for specific purposes.

Participants may save and get matching funds for asset purchase in one of three areas: first time home purchase, funding of post-secondary education or capitalizing a business. For WYWF, this program addresses two pathways to economic self-sufficiency outlined in On the Road: Exploring Economic Security Pathways in Wyoming, a report WYWF released in 2016. These pathways provide an opportunity for participants to move from self-sufficiency to economic security. The partnership between these WWBC and WYWF will provide funding for at least twenty matched savings accounts for the 2017/2018 year. To learn more about the IDA program, visit

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