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What is the Wyoming Women's Foundation?

The Wyoming Women’s Foundation is a priority fund of the Wyoming Community Foundation. The Wyoming Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that connects people who care with causes that matter to build a better Wyoming. WYCF is governed by a statewide board of directors that grants funds to nonprofits across Wyoming that are making an impact in their communities.

Who can apply for a Wyoming Women's Foundation grant?

Nonprofit organizations currently recognized under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and in good standing with the IRS are eligible to apply for grants that benefit women’s economic self sufficiency and opportunities for girls in Wyoming. Applications from organizations with outstanding final reports from prior grants will not be considered.

When are grant applications due?

Grant applications must be received by July 25, 2019.

When are grant decisions made?

Grant decisions will be made on September 15, 2019.

Does the Wyoming Women's Foundation have funding priorities?

Yes. WYWF is focused on funding programs that make an impact on economic self-sufficiency for women in Wyoming and opportunities for girls. We accept applications for programs supporting income and asset development, mentoring, and systems change. Requests for funds to support direct lobbying activities are ineligible for Women’s Foundation grants.

What makes a compelling grant request?

The most competitive grant requests address important needs in the community and/or increase the capacity of your organization to carry out its mission. Multiple funding partners and collaborations with other key organizations strengthen requests. It also is important to submit a clear, well-written, complete proposal based on a strong idea.

May I submit more than one application at a time?

No. Please submit only one application per deadline. If you believe your organization has certain extenuating circumstances that require more than one application at a time, please contact the program staff at WYWF to discuss your situation.

Can I submit an application in hard copy instead of online?

It is our goal to have all applications submitted electronically. It is not our intent to cause additional hardship for any organization that does not have adequate online service. If you have a special situation that prevents you from submitting your application electronically, please contact a member of the WYWF program team.

How are grant decisions made?

Grant applications are first reviewed by the Wyoming Community Foundation’s program staff to determine eligibility and to make certain that the application is complete. Program staff members are responsible for matching your application with the appropriate affiliate, advisory committees and/or donor advisor. Your application goes through committee review and a funding recommendation is presented to the WYWF board. Final approval is given by the WYCF Board of Directors. An organization may receive full funding, partial funding, or be denied funding. In some cases, additional conditions may be attached to funding approval.

Does the Women's Foundation accept capital and operational grant requests?

Yes, but capital and operational requests must fit within our priorities. To receive funding for general operations, you must present a convincing argument for how your organization’s operational costs will be covered in the future.

What are the reporting requirements?

All grantees are required to submit a final report at the end of the 12 month grant period. Although WYWF has a final report form, we will accept final reports prepared for other funders as long as the financial information in the report includes WYWF grant funding.
WYWF also asks that grantees share the news of their award on social media and with a press release.

Will WYWF allow for extra time to complete a project or file a final report?

An extension on your final report due date is easy to receive. Simply email your request for extension to WYWF program staff. Your request should include a brief and reasonable explanation for the extension and the date by which you can most likely complete the report. Please note that WYWF will not accept new requests for funding from the grantee if past grant reports are overdue, incomplete or have not been submitted.
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