The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wyoming 2020 is now available!

The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wyoming 2020

The Self-Sufficiency Standard calculates how much income families of various sizes and compositions need to make ends meet at a minimally adequate level without public or private assistance.

Self-Sufficiency Calculator for 2020

What does it take to be self-sufficient? Enter your county and family composition into our calculator to find out.

The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wyoming 2016

Compare how much the income required to make ends meet has changed since 2016.

Overlooked and Undercounted: 2016

Struggling to make ends meet in Wyoming

Explore the demographics of people in Wyoming living below the Self-Sufficiency Standard.

On the Road: 2016

Exploring Economic Security Pathways in Wyoming:

The Self-Sufficiency Standard approach to economic security consists of three elements: 1) securing the costs of daily basic needs, 2) creating an emergency savings fund, and 3) choosing the appropriate asset-building Economic Security Pathway(s).

Mapping the Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wyoming 2016

Quickly view county-level data on the Self-Sufficiency Standard compared to other measures of economic self-sufficiency and the change in Self-Sufficiency Standard between 2005 and 2016 in your county.