Resources For those in the workforce

Resources For those focusing Aid

Now is the time to double down for our Wyoming community! We’ll need to come together as we learn about the immediate needs and long-term impacts of the outbreak.

Right now, knowing the cost for families to make ends meet in Wyoming is more relevant than ever. The Self-Sufficiency Standard for Wyoming 2020 and Self-Sufficiency Calculator can be used to make decisions about providing aid to families struggling due to COVID-19. Please encourage your local leaders to use these tools as they help Wyoming navigate this difficult time.

Resources For Nonprofits & Businesses

The Wyoming Community Foundation has established the Covid-19 Immediate Needs Fund and will also be accepting money for their Unrestricted Endowment. The two funds will allow grantmaking to nonprofit organizations immediately and as needs arise in upcoming months and coming years.  Click here to learn more.

If you know of other resources we might not be aware of, please email them to